Our Story

We truly love good coffee

My love of coffee started while I was in the US Coast Guard.  Life aboard ship was often broken-up by sharing a cup of bad coffee on the messdeck or having a lukewarm cup of instant coffee during the mid watch.  I would often think of the great coffees I  had ashore at some of the cafes in our homeport in Long Beach, CA like The Library, Polly's, Portfolio, and Living Planet.  Later while working  and drinking perhaps the worst coffee in the world on tugs and crew boats in Los Angeles Harbor, I vowed to one day craft truly exceptional coffees for the masses.

Fast forward to 2019 when after opening our open seasonal cafe in Duck Creek Village, Utah, my wife Michelle and I decided that we wanted to have more control and flavor development from our coffee offerings.  So we started Cedar Mountain Coffee Company to provide our unique artisan roasted coffees to consumers, merchants, and other cafes and restaurants that want freshness and quality not found from distributors, chain stores, or supermarkets.