Frequently asked questions

How does the free trial work?

You’ll get instant access to all of our features for a full 7 days. You’ll be able to list products, manage orders, and much more. There's no credit card required unless you want to come on board after your trial ends. By then, you’ll wonder how your business ever lived without us!

Who uses Sage?

The smartest Amazon and Walmart sellers are using Sage to manage their business at scale. In order to take advantage of the software, you need to be an active dropshipper on either Amazon or Walmart Marketplace. If you haven't started your dropshipping business yet, reach out to success@oagenius.com and we'll share some resources that can help you get off the ground.

Is Sage easy to learn?

Yes! Our system is very user friendly and we also have video training to help you understand each feature and functionality within the suite of tools. Every client also has the option to schedule time with a dedicated success coach who will walk you through the entire software and help you use it strategically.

How often will Sage check price and availability changes for my products?

Great question! On average, we check every 30 minutes for price and availability changes. If you are using Walmart as a supplier, you can upgrade to 5-minute monitoring and take advantage of the fastest sync times in the dropshipping universe.

Which suppliers does Sage support?

Right now Sage for Walmart works if you are using Amazon, Home Depot, or Zoro as a supplier. We are working to add other suppliers soon!

Do I need to upload tracking numbers and confirm shipments?

No! We do that for you so that your team can spend more time on more profit-producing activities for your business. Here's how it works!

Can Sage accurately track my profit? What about returns/refunds?

Yes to both! As long as purchase costs are being entered into our order management system, you will receive accurate tracking of all profit and losses.

Do you have any video training on how to use the software?

Absolutely! We have an entire video library to help you kickstart your journey with Sage. We recommend checking it out during your trial so you get off and running quickly.

I'm already using Sage for Amazon, do I need to create another account?

Yes! Sage for Amazon and Sage for Walmart are different platforms, so even if you're already using Sage for Amazon, you'll want to create a Sage for Walmart account and set up your trial.

Why should I start dropshipping on Walmart Marketplace?

Walmart Marketplace is seeing a ton of growth, and there are huge opportunities for dropshippers to achieve high profit margins. Many of our clients are having a ton of success adding a second income stream to their already-established Amazon business. We've also seen plenty of people new to the dropshipping game jump in to Walmart Marketplace where things are less competitive right now.

How do I stop TBA tracking from slowing me down?

You can now swap your TBA tracking info for a valid tracking number that matches the city and state of the person on the order.

If the letters TBA are entered into the tracking number field, you have the option to convert it.
Converting it will automatically confirm the shipment on Walmart with a valid, in transit, tracking number going to the destination city and state for the order.
The order will be marked as shipped within OAGenius Sage. Auto-swapping TBA tracking info is a setting available directly within the app. Learn how to enable it here.