Why I became a Specialty Coffee Roaster

Specialty Coffee has many connotations associated with it. From the pretentious and trifle to elitist and refined, however what specialty coffee really is far transcends these constructs and when boiled down to the salt, examines our search for perfection through the cultivation, harvest, preparation, and enjoyment of this fruit.

As I've told many times, I began drinking "coffee" while serving in the US Coast Guard. The boredom of the watch was only made tolerable by taking the moments on the mess deck to have terrible coffee with obscene amounts of cream and sugar, as this was the only way I could get it down. As I developed my palette, I discovered specialty coffee through coffee shops in Long Beach and Southern California. I found that coffee can have extraordinary differences in flavor. I grew to love the nuances of coffee and the variety of this fruit.

After thousands of cups of coffee and a move to Duck Creek village, Utah I found myself once again without a place to get crafted coffee that was made with care and attention. So I opened Aspen Air'spresso, a traditional Italian style barista bar out of a 1969 Airstream trailer. Here is where I really discovered the difference that artisanal roasting can have in the quality and flavors of the coffee served.

As we slang mochas and americanos all summer long, we found little nuances in the coffees we were using from various roasters. We discovered that the mountain folk of southern Utah favored more subtle flavors and a smoother finish as opposed to the "third wave" coffee drinkers of Seattle that prefer brightness, fruit, and acidity. We found a lot of mass produced roasts to be bland and although serviceable, they lacked any characteristics or variables that made the flavor memorable or unique. We discovered some specialty roasters like Drink Coffee, Do Stuff who were crafting great coffees with interesting back stories. We decided that we wanted to have a deeper understanding of coffee and a greater hand in shaping the flavors and nuances that come from this fruit.

So that's why I started Cedar Mountain Coffee Company. To provide truly hand crafted specialty roasts to Coffee Houses and the general public. We roast our coffees to bring out those unique flavors and accentuate the subtle differences that each region and micro climate produces. Enjoy!

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