Shakespeare's Revenge Dark Roast Whole Bean


Shakespeare's Revenge is our Dark Roast coffee great for espresso and as a brewed offering for those who like it rich and bold.  This coffee is very special as it is a single origin from the Hacienda Salida Del Sol Finca in Ecuador, directly imported to us from the farm.  It's fair wage and brought to you keeping sustainability in mind.

  • Shakespeare's Revenge

    100% Ecuadorian   Viennese Roast

    Region: Canton Pichincha, Manabí, Ecuador

    Altitude: 1650-1800 Meters

    Process: Washed, Natural Sun-Dried

    Notes: Leather, Cocoa, with a Honey Finish

  • Shipping Info

    All of our coffees are packed and shipped 24-48 hours after roasting.  This resting period allows the freshly roasted beans to finish to off-gas and develop.  

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